guilda is the "personal brand" of Laura Guilda Grote.

She is a german artist, designer and stylist based in Milan, Italy

(To see her art works please visit


Her handmade Clothing projects and her Jewellery pieces 

reflect best what the brand guilda is about.

The #B my accessory products instead are to be considered as kind of sub-brands.


All her projects and products always tell a story.

They are unique pieces and can be seen as creative design. 


Also her styling series show that she is a narrator.

The shooting sets and displays she creates are evidence of a good eye and taste

for choosing and putting together interesting garments and accessories on the model or objects in space.


"In the middle of a field of three-leaf clovers, not everyone can notice the simplicity, 

but beauty of a four-leaf clover.

Four-leaf clovers aren't as rare as they are thought to be,

though, the people who look for them are.

If you find one, pick it. It will bring you good luck."


"destiny" (2012)




instagram: guilda_com or bmyaccessory

facebook: guilda or bmyaccessory

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