"stitches and spots" is a capsule collection which concept is based on an authentic mix or hybrid.

Authenticity means realness, uniqueness and refers to the "original", so it is right and natural. It is not imitated, changed or copied.

An authentic mix consists of two concepts which are combined, coexist and are mixed together. They are connected, they become one with each other and they form a new unique creation.

The collection presents classic cuts and fabrics that are particular in the way the fabrics have been treated.

One stylistic element is the neon-coloured hand-sewn "stitching" on the fabric which finishes in loose-hanging threads which can be pulled to modify a particular part of the garment.. In this way it can be crimped, made shorter or tighter, so changing its whole aspect. The stitching is also used to create patterns, such as classic stripes or checks. Instead of having a pattern printed or woven, it is sewn directly on the fabric.

The other concept is "dripping". Invented by the American artist Jackson Pollock, it consists of throwing colour on the canvas and leaving it to drip. In my case the dripping motive is painted on silk or it is made with the needle-felting technique, where wool is interwoven into the fabric to make it look like attached felt. I found inspiration for the form in nature, in features like icicles or stalagmites.

My collection is a mixture of two different concepts of treating fabric. Most of the garments are "double-face" so you can also wear them inside out. In addition, it is hybrid due to its contrary gesture. The hand-sewn stitching is a precise and slow handicraft which needs patience and concentration. However, the dripping derives naturally from an instinctive mood and action. Using the needle-felt technique creates another authentic mix in that the instinctive dripping becomes a textile treatment, which actually is programmed or designed before.

In 2012 I participated with my "stitches and spots" collection at the MUUSE x VOGUE Talents Young Vision Award a bi-annual competition with over 400 participating designers. MUUSE is an international fashion label that produces collections with some of the best design talents around the world. The contest was in collaboration with Vogue talents, a platform dedicated to the scouting of talented creatives with a focus on responsible fashion.

The Young Vision Award serves as a great platform for scouting designers globally and to produce their collections.

For the promotion for the online voting I created four different flyers which I printed and gave to everybody I knew. I sent them by mail or used them on social media platforms. At the end I did not win but I obtained more than 400 votes. 

On 2nd of July 2012 I participated with my "stitches and spots" capsule at the final fashion show "Untangled" and the exhibition "Midsummer Naba Tale" of the BA in Fashion- and Textile Design of NABA. The campus courtyard was transformed in a unique setting for a fashion show under the stars and a building hosted the big installation consisting of manikins sitting at sewing machines staging the student's creations inspired by the theme authentic hybrid which compares the ideation of a fashion project to unravel a tangled skein.


"18862011Numbers" is a lingerie design I created for the Triumoh Inspiration Award organized by the historical lingerie brand Triumph for which I was chosen to participate at the Italian final. The theme of the 2011 edition was their 125th anniversary.

1886 the brand Triumph was created and continued to grow not only within itself, but along with the perception a woman has of herself as she evolves through the changing times.

My idea was to use the numbers of the dates to create a pattern. "The numbers gain such narrative value, telling symbolically the history of lingerie and the social battles of women. Numbers creating a chain of time, the past and the present of Triumph. If I could wrap this timeline around a human body, then I have created my own inspirational design. The numbers become a piece of fabric, blending from white to black, in the dynamics flowing through time.

On 27th of April the Italian National Final of the Triumph Inspiration Award 2011, annual international contest for young designers promoted by the brand Triumph was held at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

In the museum, the same day took place the opening of the exhibition "125 Years of Celebrating Women" which was organized for the anniversary of the historical brand.

Among the finalists were students from the italian universities like Domus Academy, or IED. I was chosen with my design "18862011Numbers" to represent NABA. The italian winner would have participated at the show in Berlin where a final winner was supposed to be selected for a money prize and the possibility to work with the team of Triumph to produce their design in a limited edition. I did not win but I am glad for the experience to have participated with my own design at the show.


"camicito" is a wordplay formed by the Italian words camicia which translates to man's shirt and abito which means woman's dress.

The significance of "camicito" therefore is shirtdress. The idea was to give a new life to old men's shirts, recycling them to create something new. I disassembled several shirts and used the different parts like sleeves, cuffs and collars.  This gave me the possibility to create always new combinations by mixing fabrics, colours and styles for the dresses. I also created a dress just from one men's shirt only, modifying it completely and from its two sleeves I created a mall bolero jacket.

During Salone del Mobile 2009 I participated at the group exhibition of artists and designers called Anzitempo held in a studio space in design district Tortona. The works were shown on two different floors. On the top floor with access to Via Savona were exposed artistic cups, wooden tables, lamps and design objects by the different artists and designers. Also sculptures of artist Nino Mustica were exposed and there was a presentation of a fashion accessories line inspired by burlesque and in addition one could

find speakers and gadgets of a design studio. On the ground floor was a sound installation of khz interiors and I exposed my two dresses of the "camicito" project.

personal kit

"personal kit" is a project for the creation of my personal identity in which I invented my logo, designed a personal t-shirt and

created a little book consisting of photos of "my personal object", my portrait and my business card.

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